Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Decided to jump on the blogwagon. I have no idea where this is going to go if anywhere, but wanted to try it out. Looks like so much fun when others are doing it, and I want to have fun damn it. I have no direction, so I'll start randomly. Oh, I like to use foul language at times so if you are easily offended you can beep the words out when you read.

Don't you think if one in four women are reading a pregnancy test wrong that should raise a flag? I'm pretty sure that one woman should pray that the test results are negative. If you can't figure out how to read a pregnancy test with 12 pages of written instruction please do not procreate. I think that this being the only test a woman has to pass in order to have children is crazy. Going hunting? Need a license! Going to cut hair? Need a license! Going to sell real estate? Need a license! Want to create a child, feed, clothe, care, nurture, educate, morally instill, guide, and send into the world? Go right ahead, no questions asked.

So I'm keeping it short this first time out the gate. You're supposed to take it slow when you pop your proverbial cherry, well that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

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