Monday, August 30, 2010

Have fun and help

Found this over at Steam Me Up, Kid's place (see favorite blog ever to your left). First of all it is for a great cause, second it is a really good listen. I'm not a fan of most kids music, but I could really get into this. I can't wait to get it from itunes.
If you ant to learn more about the cause, go to

My favorite song so far is Morton the Caterpillar, but I have a habit of changing that the more I listen to a cd. Go, buy, download, dance!


  1. I can't wait until you change the darn red that I still cannot see.

  2. I'll change it. Just for you.

  3. that steamy, she's such a whore. i mean, super nice person. :))))

  4. Whores can totally be super nice people.

  5. Yeah! Whores are people too! *kicks dirt*

    PS: mylittlebecky gives handjays for Applebee's coupons sometimes.